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Bartlett Automotive are an approved MOT test station for standard passenger vehicles up to 3000 (dgw) gross weight. Any vehicle using the road must be kept in a roadworthy condition, and as such should have an MOT check annually, this is usually once the vehicle reaches three years of age.

For your convenience you can renew your MOT up to a month before it expires. Booking your MOT early may be helpful if you anticipate your vehicle may not pass the MOT, it will allow you some time to address the failure points whilst still being able to drive (if safe) under the current MOT.

If you do present your vehicle for MOT retest earlier than the expiry date on your current certificate, an equal number of days prior to the expiry date will be added to the new certificate when a pass is given, this ensures you don't lose any days to which you are entitled.

An MOT is commonly assumed to be a service on the vehicle, this is not the case and both items are entirely separate from one another.

For more information on MOT, refer to our video about the MOT checks, alternatively you can visit the DVSA webpage.

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