If your car needs repairing or servicing, independent specialist garages deliver a high quality service without the high costs associated with main dealers.

“The If your car needs repairing or servicing, independent specialist garages deliver a high quality service without the high costs associated with main dealers. More and more drivers are now aware that allowing an independent specialist to work on their car does not invalidate a manufacturer’s warranty, and they’ll get the exact same service for a fraction of the price.

Damian Bartlett from Bartlett Automotive – a BMW and MINI garage based in Huntington and Peterborough – explains: “Some customers purchasing new vehicles continue to buy the manufacturer ‘servicing’ packs. These are perceived as a convenient up front cost so the driver can forgo having to pay out again for any servicing when it falls due within the three or five
year term. However, be aware that you’ll be paying the main dealer pricing, so it’s probable that you’re pre-paying more than you need to, especially when compared to the pricing for an independent garage to carry out that servicing for you when it falls due. You may also not get the full entitlement of the servicing costs which you have pre-paid before they expire, especially if you’re a low mileage driver.”

Bartlett Automotive’s business model is to offer the same servicing and repair options as the main dealers, but at less cost to the customer. They follow the brand servicing guidelines, and carry all the necessary equipment and tooling. They also have access to manufacturer online support, which allows them to carry out diagnostics and repairs effectively and efficiently. They are also a Class IV MOT centre, and carry a wide stock of tyres so can offer a one-stop solution for your vehicle. Bartlett Automotive have gained quite a reputation in the local area and more widely through the use of on-line forums. They are well known for their knowledge of the M-Series performance models, as well as being the experts for trickier problems such as the timing chain issues commonly associated with the N47 engines.

Damian Bartlett says: “We’re very proud of the reputation we have built and all our staff work hard to deliver the best service possible. We’re honest and always try to go the extra mile, whether that’s getting the job finished Damian Barlett from Bartlett Automotive ahead of time, or simply just being able to make a booking within a day or two.” Bartlett Automotive have recently complimented their service offerings by becoming agents for AC Schnitzer and PowerFlex. These additional options allow them to offer upgrade products for performance, styling and tuning to customers so they can customise their vehicles away from standard specification.

Bartlett Automotive offer routine service and vehicle maintenance, as well as specialist services such as timing chain replacements, engine de-cokes, programming and performance upgrades.

Bartlett Automotive are offering a £25 discount (per vehicle) against these specialist upgrades when works are completed before December 31, 2019.
To find out more, contact 01480 459771 or 01733 852955 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

 Article published in the Hunts Post, Wednesday October 23, 2019