Bartlett Automotive Peterborough has invested in a Centaur Platinum Automatic Tyre Changing system, manufactured by John Bean.

The Centaur Platinum is a leverless, high-productivity tyre changer for passenger car and light van tyres. Designed to reduce the risk of damage to alloy wheels, the dual-disc bead breaker, centre clamp system and the automatic mounting tool make the Centaur Platinum one of the most productive tyre changer solutions on the market. 

Safe and accurate on standard tyres, UHP (Ultra High Performance) and run-flat tyres, the unique electronic sync dual-disc bead breaker ensures gentle, faster, easier, more ergonomic and effortless bead breaking without damaging the tyre bead or sidewall.

This is great news for Bartlett Automotive customers, as it means that we can now provide an even better, faster and more efficient service when it comes to changing tyres.

This impressive piece of kit, currently completely unique to Bartlett Automotive in Peterborough, not only ensures protection of alloy wheels but also laser precision wheel rim alignment!

For more information on how the equipment works contact Dan Jeeves This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.